Information on Braille Codes


• What is UEB?

UEB stands for Unified English Braille code. This is a code that was developed by a working group of the International Council on English Braille over the last 15 years. The idea is to have one English Braille code worldwide


• Which countries use UEB?

Up to now, 5 English braille-using countries have introduced UEB very successfully: New Zealand, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa and Canada. In October 2011, the UK Association for Alternative Formats (UKAAF) voted to endorse UEB and recommend it for use


• Where does Ireland stand?

In the past, Ireland always followed changes in Standard British Braille, as this is the braille standard used in Ireland. It is anticipated that UEB will not be an exception, however, when and how it will be introduced is not timetabled. INBAF sees it as its role to represent Ireland in UEB related matters internationally and to give braille users in Ireland a voice.


• How was UEB introduced in other countries?

UEB was introduced via the education system, starting at primary school levels


• What is the difference between UEB and Standard British Braille?

While some differences exist, readers of standard British Braille should find no difficulties reading UEB. For detailed information please visit


• Can INBAF help me find somewhere to learn the codes for the Irish language?

Please contact INBAF’s working group on Irish Braille


Provision of Braille in Ireland


In Ireland, Braille is produced by the following organisations.. NCBI, Arbour Hill Braille Unit, National Braille Production at ChildVision, along with other local producers, ie, colleges




• What kind of books do NCBI produce in Braille?

NCBI produce Irish Interest leisure reading books and leisure reading books by Irish authors in Braille.


• Can I request a book?

If there is a specific title that you would like to request please call the library to discuss.


• Can I buy a book?

Unfortunately we do not sell Braille books.


• Where can I buy a Braille book?

You can buy a Braille book from the RNIB, or the Scottish Braille Press


• Do you produce children's books in Braille?

We produce non-curriculum junior books in Braille


• Where can I get text translated into Braille?

You can contact either the Braille Unit in the library of the NCBI (telephone: 01 8642266) or the Braille Production unit at Arbour Hill Prison (telephone: 01 4724058) for any commercial transcription..


• Can I buy a Braille greeting card?

Yes, you can buy a general Braille greeting card from the NCBI shop (Telephone: 01 8307033) or get a specific text to Braille translation from the NCBI library (Telephone: 01 8642266) to insert into any greeting card



Arbour Hill Braille Unit

• What type of material does Arbour Hill produce?

Arbour Hill provides a commercial Braille production service, offering one-off transcriptions as well as larger commercial transcriptions of government and union publications and other such material


• Where can I get text translated into Braille?

You can contact either the Braille Production unit at Arbour Hill Prison ( telephone: 01 4724058) or the Braille Unit in the library of the NCBI (telephone: 01 8642266) for any commercial transcription.


Perkins Braillers – Repairs and Servicing: Arbour Hill maintain/repair Manual Perkins Braillers and stocks a comprehensive range of genuine Perkins parts supplied by Howe Press in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA.


Contact Information: Greg Flanagan, Arbour Hill Braille Unit, Arbour Hill Prison, Dublin 7. Tel: 01 4724058



National Braille Production at ChildVision

• What type of material is transcribed at the National Braille Production at ChildVision?

Text books at primary and secondary level and educational material for all students with a registered visual impairment in the Republic of Ireland


• How long does it take to produce a book in Braille?

Production time for each book is different depending on level (primary/secondary), subject and complexity. For more information please visit


• Where can I borrow Braille novels?

You can borrow Braille books from the library of the NCBI Library and Media Centre: Tel (01) 8642266. You can also borrow children’s leisure reading books from the Children’s library at ChildVision.


• Where can I get text translated into Braille?

You can contact either the Braille Unit in the library of the NCBI (Telephone: 01 8642266) or the Braille Production unit at Arbour Hill Prison (Telephone 01 4724058) for any commercial transcription.

Learning Braille


• Where can I learn Braille as a person with sight loss?

NCBI’s Rehabilitation Training Centre offer Braille tuition for learners participating on their ‘Learning for life’ programme.


• Where can I learn Braille as a sighted person?

ChildVision offer a FETAC Certificate in learning grade 2 braille The RNIB also offer a certificate in contracted (grade 2) braille via distance learning. There is an uncontracted braille (grade 1) study pack for sighted learners available from the shop in the RNIB. It is called ‘Dot-to-dot’.


• How long does it take to learn Braille?

Typically one year will introduce sighted learners to the basics.

INBAF Specifics


• Is INBAF an organisation for all ages?

Yes. All ages are welcome to contribute to the work of INBAF.


Supporting Braille Readers


• I have a new VI student in my classroom, what is the next step? (SNA/Teacher)

Has the student got a visiting teacher? If yes, contact the visiting teacher and ask her to place the orders. If no, contact the Department of Education and Skills, Visiting Teacher Service for the Visually Impaired to arrange a visiting teacher for the student.

Braille and Technology - Other Alternative Formats


• What is the difference between a talking book and a Daisy talking book?

Unlike analogue talking books, an important feature of DAISY books is easy and rapid navigation. A book can be navigated by such elements as sentence, paragraph, page (including specific page numbers) and various heading levels. It is also possible to fast forward or rewind and to jump back and forth by time increments when using the audio component. Depending on the playback equipment being used, a book can be searched for specific words. The user can also place Bookmarks at relevant points and jump to them easily.


• Where can I buy an audio book?

You can buy audio books in most good book shops . Alternatively you can buy them from online sources You can also download audio books from the NCBI website for free. You can borrow audio books from NCBI Library. Public Libraries also have audio books for loan. You can borrow both Audio and Braille books from the library of the NCBI.