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Announcing Bristol Braille Technology and the return of the Canute!


INBAF, the Irish National Braille and Alternative Formats Association are delighted to welcome Bristol braille Technology and the Braillists back to Dublin for an update meeting and a chance to see the latest version of the Canute.


The 11th prototype Canute is a 360 cell Braille e-reader, and it will be staying in Dublin, moving between NCBI and ChildVision during February so we can gather the thoughts and feedback of new and experienced Braille readers.


If you use Braille, or work with people who do, then this event is not to be missed.


Where: National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI), Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

When: Thursday February 2nd from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.


To register your interest or for more information please contact Stuart Lawler. Email: stuart.lawler@ncbi.ie

Unified English Braille (UEB) Workshop, October 2015


We are delighted to announce details of ‘UEB in a nutshell’, an information session to be held on Saturday November 7th, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, at the Rehabilitation Training Centre, NCBI, Whitworth Road.


If you’re a regular Braille reader you’ll no doubt have heard mention already of UEB, in fact, you may well have been reading it for some time. This workshop will give you a chance to hear about what’s changed and why we’re moving to a unified Braille code.


We'll explore the potentially huge benefits in all English speaking countries using the same Braille, with inter library lending, simplified computer translation and reduced ambiguity to name but a few.


But we'll also examine the challenges - how will transcription facilities and libraries make a smooth transition, and what does the change mean for adult Braille readers at home?


Braille transcribers and readers from INBAF will guide you through the new standard - dispelling myths and answering questions, as well as giving us physical examples to compare and uncovering how much of a change it really is!


Please contact Stuart Lawler at NCBI to attend this event on 087 9926360 or email stuart.lawler@ncbi.ie

Public meeting to demonstrate the Canute multi-line e-book Braille display, August 2015


The Braillists, a Braille community advocacy group, and INBAF, the Irish National Braille and Alternative Formats Association, have invited Bristol Braille Technology to demonstrate its latest technological development at a public meeting in Dublin on Thursday the 10th of September. The meeting will take place from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, at the headquarters of NCBI, Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.


Bristol Braille Technology, a not-for-profit community interest company operating out of the Bristol Hackspace, has completed the first feature complete prototype of Canute. Canute will be the world's first multiline refreshable Braille e-book reader, which will cost less than a traditional Braille machine and a fraction of the price of existing single line displays. It is being designed in collaboration with over 113 Braille users across Ireland and the UK.


It is intended that Canute will help reverse the decline in Braille literacy by bringing digital Braille within financial reach of the average user for the first time. This public meeting will give you an opportunity to see the Canute, meet the people behind it and input your ideas for future development.


Please register to attend this event by contacting Stuart Lawler or telephone 087 9926360

Learn the Braille Alphabet at Trade School Dublin, May 2014


Our colleague, and member of INBAF's Executive committee Niamh MacAlister is delivering a session to teach the Braille alphabet on Saturday June 7th. Naturally we're all very excited and are delighted to promote this event for Niamh.


You can read all about it on Niamh's own blog.

Adoption of an updated Irish Braille Code, March 2014


INBAF is pleased to announce that the INBAF Irish Braille Working Group and the INBAF Steering Group have both unanimously voted to adopt an updated version of the Irish braille code, which will bring it in line with the new UEB code/punctuation.


Pat Farrell, one of our colleagues in the National Braille Production Centre, has developed the code over many years and the Irish Braille Working Group discussed same and gathered feedback on it.


Many thanks go to the Irish braille readers in the working group, the Visiting Teachers for the Visually Impaired, as well as teachers in St. Joseph’s Primary School and Pobalscoil Rosmini who tested the updated code.


It is envisaged to introduce Updated Irish Braille (“UIB”) hand in hand with UEB, so that students will encounter the same punctuation and other signs when learning the braille codes


Official Statement on the adoption of UEB, December 2013


INBAF formally adopts the Unified English Braille (UEB) code today, Monday, 2nd December 2013.


You can read our official statement here

Fifth Annual Fun Braille Reading Day 2012


NCBI Library and Media Centre and ChildVision’s Childrens’ Library held the annual Fun Braille Reading Day, on Monday the 19th of November in ChildVision, Drumcondra.


It was a resounding success. Acclaimed author June Considine charmed participants and attendees alike with her enthusiasm and feedback. She was really impressed with all of the participants and was especially taken with their ability to take on such a difficult task, as learning Braille, and succeed at it.


Braille advocate Theia Regan who has been involved with the Readathon for the last three years was delighted to see the development of all readers especially those that have been enjoying the day since it began. The number of Braille readers participating in the even has steadily risen from 17 in 2008 to 40 in 2012. We hope to see even more in 2013.


The day itself is a day to enjoy reading Braille in a supportive and encouraging environment. Every participant got an opportunity to read from a novel, short story or poem of their own choosing. Some participants read stories that they had written themselves to the great enjoyment of those listening. To congratulate our readers Gift Bags bursting with goodies including a cuddly toy were handed out. These were part funded by Leyden’s Cash and Carry


For siblings and those taking a break from reading author Karl O’Neill hosted story time session in the Childvision Library. There was also a gingerbread decoration workshop where children decorated gingerbread men with some wonderful creativity going on, each child received a gingerbread mug with hot chocolate to take home and enjoy with their gingerbread man. In addition there were tours of the pet farm, with an opportunity to pet and feed the animals.


Both Childvision and NCBI were delighted with the response and look forward to continuing to work together on this very special project in 2013 and for the years to come.


More information on author June Considine can be found here and information on author Karl O’Neill can be found here



For further information about the day contact library@ncbi.ie or library@childvision.ie

INBAF Launch - 3rd May 2012


INBAF launched on Thursday 3rd May 2012. You can read our Press Release here


Here are two photos from our launch day





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